Boiler Bits No. Title Category
1 Introduction: The Layman’s Guide to Coal Boiler Operation and Supervision Introduction
2 Requirements for a Boiler Control System Automation
3 What Level of Boiler Automation? Automation
4 The Mission of Steam Plant Operations Management
5 Principles of Combustion Technical
6 The Significance of Excess Air in the Quest for Optimized Combustion Efficiency
7 The Case for Oxygen Trim Control Automation
8 The Achilles Heel of Oxygen Trim Control Automation
9 The Nature and Magnitude of Energy Loss in Steam Boilers Efficiency
10 Expressing Efficiency of Steam Plant Efficiency
11 Smoke Control Principles Technical
12 The Influence of Steam Pressure on Boiler Efficiency Efficiency
13 Coal Boilers – How Light on Fuel? Efficiency
14 Coal Usage Based Efficiency Indicators Efficiency
15 Estimating the Temperature of the Fire Technical
16 Heat Transfer within Steam Boilers Technical
17 Firing Sunflower Husk in a Coal Boiler Technical
18 Optimum Condensate Return Percentage Technical
19 Coal as Determining Factor in the Combustion Equation Efficiency
20 Electricity Consumption of Boiler Fans vs. Flue Gas O2 Levels Efficiency
21 Adding Steam to the Hot Well: Anything to be Gained?    Efficiency
22 Boiler Water Level Control: Effects of Shrink and Swell Technical
23 Furnace Pressure and Induced Tramp Air Efficiency
24 Configuration of Draught Sensing Piping Technical
25 ID Fan or Stoker Leading Control for Boilers? Automation

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